Kitchen & Bar




Smell the roasting beans and enjoy the best espresso in town.


Ravouna 1906 Coffe & Bar which set out to serve the best espresso in town is a bustling and vigorous meeting point. The best quality green coffee beans are meticulously chosen from all around the World and roasted on the premises. It is our priority to find the highest quality green coffee beans. It is an important part of our business to get to know, understand, decide on the roasting style and respect the bean. Our baristas have been trained by the famous barista trainer Chris Owens to produce the best tasting coffee, using the freshest coffee beans preserved with upmost care. As well as our fine coffees, our delicious desserts will keep you coming back for more.

The Ravouna Building, while maintaining its Art Nouveau properties, is a high quality, vivacious location that serves the best coffee and coctails prepared by the most talented barmen and barristas.




Local, ingenious tastes are reconstructed in our passionate kitchen using universal cusine techniques. Fresh and seasonal ingredients are used. All of our bread is prepared using ancient techniques. Natural and organic ingredients are used to create the most extraordinary tastes. Dishes from the Ottoman Empire and todays Turkish Cusine can be found on our menu. We invite you to share with us fresh, delicious local ingredients of international standard.




The more natural and pure the food we consume is, the more healthy it is considered to be.

Natural food is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres.

Our healthy snacks are full of nutrients and can be cosumed as a snack or sometimes a main course.

You can snack on healthy cookies, cakes, protein bars and stay healthy, guilt-free and satisfied.